Autumn Leaves

It’s Autumn (September 1 is autumn for me so…) and that means thunder storms, rain, gloomy weather, coffee, blankets, and sweaters galore. I’ve been waiting for this season since it ended. I’m looking forward to spending endless hours at coffee shops, filming, and writing. It’s not a wonderful season without a playlist to dictate your every move. Here’s what I’ve been listening to: 

+ innocence – flume

+ good together – honne

+ xxx 88 – MO Diplo

+ unravel – laura welsh

+ it ain’t wrong loving you – honne

+ take you high – honne

+ desire – meg myers

+ tony stark – the symposium

+ woodland – the paper kites

+ roma fade – andrew bird

+ australia – the shins

+ sweetheart, what you done – keaton henson

find more on Spotify!


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Part Time Writer + Full Time Coffee Enthusiast && LOS ANGELES NATIVE

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