Micheltorena Steps

One of the best moments of this summer was going on random adventures. Let’s just say that planning a trip to Los Angeles is random. I never ever go up there. It’s only a 25 minute drive from Long Beach, but LA Traffic makes it 2 hours (on a good day). As you may have also noticed from my lack of posting, the decrease of my content on my blog has been taken into full effect. To reiterate what I said in that post, I’ve been juggling too much with this blog, school, and work that I have been creating mediocre content. Thus, I will be focusing on one project a week for Belle En Rouge, at least until I have more time on my hands. Instead of posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I’ll be posting on Sundays and some spontaneous posts here and there. 

I look back at these photos and I just laugh because this day was simply amazing. Here’s the time frame:

12:30 .  Tricia and I drove out to Silverlake.

1:25 . Bates Motel shoot. 

1:45 . Drive to Alfred Coffee

1:50 . Shoot at Micheltorena Steps.

2:00 . Run to Alfred (across the street). Drink coffee. 

2:20. Get back in car. 

2:35. Drive home.

4:10. Drop off Tricia at Steelhead.

4:30. I get home.

5:20 . Tricia and I head out Burbank for an Advanced Screening of Bad Moms. 

6:45 . Get to Burbank…

7:00 . Film starts.

This whole day was a bunch of running around … but I loved it! Did you notice that for the Bates Motel shoot it was only 20 minutes? Yes, that was 20 minutes for both of us. Then with the Micheltorena Steps, that was 10 minutes. Again, that was for the two of us! We were naturally just killing it that day haha. 

I had always seen these steps on Instagram and how full of color they were. I was a tad bit disappointed. They’re beautiful, but they’re kind of worn down. Who’s to say that my expectation was a little too high. Nonetheless, we loved them. We snapchatted, instagrammed, and of course shot our looks here. The contrast that I went for with this outfit fit the scene. White and jeans with color as the complimentary factor. It was our first time in Silverlake so when Jeff Mindell emphasized on us going there, I knew I had to make a stop. 

top ZARA (similar

photographer: Tricia Cacho








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