Timeless Pieces

Happy Monday!

This weekend was a mixture of relaxation and productivity. Yesterday I was a part of a video for the launch of VICI THREADS. Creativity and community all encompassing. 

Aside from the personal projects I also work on, I bring to you another collaboration with JORD Wood Watches. If you remember, a few months ago I was loving their Cora Purpleheart watch, now for the summer season I have been styling their Dark Sandalwood. JORD recently rolled out with their seasonal watches for both men and women. Compared to the women styles before, these ones are much more delicate and feminine. The colors are lighter and softer. I chose the Dark Sandalwood because I wanted to go with a style that would fit with me year round. As the sun sets earlier and the nights get colder, I start wearing warmer colors so why not have a watch that can serve for both summer and fall. 

I recently covered the Dew Tour event in Long Beach and I had to dress cool enough to beat the heat, but I also had to have a second resource for time in case my phone died. Of course, as a true influencer, it did. Keeping track of time is one thing I excel in, however after reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior, I’ve learned that time isn’t everything. Sometimes we need to disconnect even from time itself and just enjoy the moment. Let’s be real though, I have to have something pretty on my wrist so that I can rush from one place to another. 

Stay on the lookout for a giveaway with JORD. All the details will be up on my Instagram very soon. 

this post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

photographer: Tricia Cacho

watch c/o JORD // top c/o MAKE Collectives // pants ZARA


JORD arm grab.jpg


JORD midsection look.jpg

JORD side view.jpg

JORD fashion whole.jpg

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