Winding Down on Yoga Benefits with Drea from Spark{le}

You guys already know how much yoga has been influencing my life for the better lately and today I have my friend Drea from Spark{le} back on Belle En Rouge. Yoga has been such a great outlet for those moments where I just need peace and quiet time, which is why I’ve talked to you guys about my first yoga class and Om Tati has shared 5 reasons why you should practicing yoga this year. You’ve already heard about two perspectives, but now Drea (an active yogini) is here to share her yoga benefits.


Hayyy you guys!

It’s me again… Drea Marie from spark{le}. If you’re racking your brain trying to remember who the heck I am, no worries girl, just check out my post on Chia seeds and thennn make sure you head over to spark{le} to read Kimberly’s Maca muffin recipe. Kimberly has been sweet enough to let me hang out with you guys for a second time and discuss the benefits of YOGA.
Okay if you have never tried or even thought about practicing yoga DON’T LEAVE YET.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Just bear with me through this post and THEN if you’re intrigued, check out Kimberly’s post on my blog for yoga moves to do at HOME. Yes, you don’t even have to find some studio or even change out of your pj’s #NoShame.

Alright cutie pie, let’s dive right in.

Benefits of Yoga

Alright, so fun fact, I used to do yoga religiously. Like 5 days a week at a studio. Unfortunately, I fell ill for a bit and was unable to keep that up. Ever since, I’m been striving to get back into the routine I once had because I FELT SO FREAKING GOOD WHILE DOING YOGA.

Seriously these benefits are no joke.
No. Joke.

Here are the benefits I personally experience from yoga:

+ Clearer mind

 Not just while I’m practicing yoga but for the rest of the day. It’s SUCH a weird feeling because I am constantly thinking and planning. So for me, to step into a studio and know that the next hour is fully dedicated to no thoughts, only body awareness, is so empowering.

+ Reduced anxiety

The zen feeling you experience from yoga is so powerful. I was in my 3rd, very stressful, year of my nursing degree at University… AKA TONS OF ANXIETY. The weirdest part was that even with 4 assignments due and a midterm exam that week, I’d be able to reduce all that anxiety with yoga. It’s incredible.

+ Improved relaxation

 UHMM YOGA = BEST SLEEP EVER. It completely relaxes your body AND mind. If you practice in the morning you have a calm feeling throughout the day. It’s addicting.

+ Helps you to focus

Clearer mind = clarity. I know, revolutionary right? But really you have clarity of mind which helps to focus on what needs to be done and what is important. Yoga is basically a self driven therapy session.

+ Improves overall flexibility

Flexibility is as important as strength training, if not more. It keeps your joints and body limber for years and years.

+ Encourages healthy lifestyle

 Trust me, practice an hour of yoga and you are NOT going to go for lunch and order a burger with fries & a shake. You will NOT crave that. You WILL crave salad, water, juice, tea, chia seed pudding & veggies/fruit. Yoga is the entry drug into a healthy lifestyle. It encourages you to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.


Now that you’ve read all the benefits, start off small. Maybe practice yoga once a week at home. Put on some calm music and flow it out.  Check out Kimberly’s post on my blog for at home yoga moves.

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I hope you guys have all enjoyed this post thanks to Drea and if you didn’t read her post on Chia seeds then head on over now. Stay tuned next week for my post on Chakras and/or if you just want to know a little bit more about yoga, then check out Spark{le} for how you can practice yoga at home!

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